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What Temperatures in Canberra in Winter?

Canberra is considered a region in Australia with extreme temperatures. Cold and windy in winter and can be very hot in summer.

This morning, 5 July 2011, when I checked the weather forecast for Canberra on my iPad I could not resist to take a snapshot of the temperatures to share with you.

temperatures in Canberra in winter
The five consecutive days starting on Thursday are forecasted to go into the negative territory

If you look at the forecast for the next 7 days for Canberra you can see a series of five consecutive days with negative temperatures.

Looking at the left hand side you’ll notice that Canberra low is the lowest of the country. One consolation is that Hobart high is forecasted to be just one degree colder than Canberra.

Today we also had crazy winds from the mountains. It was cold 🙁

When building a new house in temperate climate like Canberra you will want to design a house that is warm in winter and cool in winter without having to pay big bills on energy. Good insulation combined with a house design that takes into account the natural elements will definitely make a big difference.

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Article photo: National Circuit in Canberra during winter

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