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What is Sustainable Living and How Can I Adopt It?

By Ben who contributes at comfydeals.com.au

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Plagued by ghosts of the latest economic crisis, alarming global warming reports and a universal sense of preservation; you are probably not the only Australian worried about living sustainably.
Scores of non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and freelance conservation enthusiasts are working round the clock to make sure that conservation becomes habit, and preservation a priority!

What Does Sustainable Living Entail?

Contrary to some misleading thoughts, sustainable living is not a tradeoff between comfort and conservation. As thus, you do not need to place your home comfort on the hook just to make sure that you are helping nature to help you. And neither do you have to replace your light bulbs with dimmer ones or turn off the air conditional during a hot summer day.

So, how do I live sustainably? You might ask.

Below are a few areas where you can do something in your home towards the goal of energy saving and preservation:

  1. The Kitchen – the heart of every home, this is the one place where healthy living is rejuvenated – with every meal. Well, to begin, the cookware you choose should be non-toxic. In addition, you should settle for energy efficient cooking appliances, such as solar ovens, multi-cookers, convection and Dutch ovens.
  2. The Washrooms – borrowing from statistics, over 70% of all household water usage takes place in the bathroom. By using an assortment of green certified water saving devices for showers, sinks and toilets, you can save so much.
  3. The Laundry Room– towards the goal of sustainable living, it greatly helps to look at the laundry room from an energy-conscious point of view. Dryer heat savers and dryer balls are some of the enhancements you might want to see in your laundry room. In addition to just saving on energy costs, energy-free drying is turning out to be an endearing concept in the clothesline industry

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  1. Getting used to shorter showers is one low cost sustainability idea save both water and heating costs

  2. Nice site you have here, and good sustainable living tips, I also have Sustainable Living Site and am always on the look out for such sites, Ideas, and the like. I am particular interested in finding out more about your “Solar Ovens” I’ve seen a few home made ones, made for the outdoors. Unfortunately I couldn’t find your search button? Sustainalbe Living DIY Projects

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