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Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are great addition to a contemporary kitchen

If you plan to design a modern kitchen for your new house then undermount kitchen sinks are definitely worth considering in the early stage of your kitchen design.

Following are a list of factors and ideas we’ve used to plan and select the sink for our kitchen:

Aesthetic. Undermount sinks look great in a modern kitchen as they add that touch of clean line to the overall design especially when mounted under a stone bench.

Undermount kitchen sinks with square corners (stone bench)

Costs. Your kitchen company might tell you it costs more to install these sinks because there is more work involved with making a nice hole in the stone. That’s true because the hole has to match the shape of the sink and the edge needs to be polished to give that sleek effect.

Drainer. We asked friends and people what they liked the least about their undermount sinks and they would often say they wish their sink had a drainer.

If you often wash dishes by hands and let them dry on the bench you might want to consider undermount sinks that have a drainer or a double bowl sink where you could use one bowl to dry dishes. The latter is the option we chose.

Single squared corner bowl with single drainer - mounted under a stone bench

Some of Oliveri undermount sinks come with a removable drainer you can use too:

Oliveri undermount kitchen sinks - double bowl, a drainer, a chopping board and a plastic basket for cutlery are included

Alternatively you could use an add-on rack to dry dishes:

Undermount kitchen sinks double bowl with drying rack (stone bench)

Shape and Dimensions. Nowadays these sinks exist in various shapes (round, squared corners, rounded corners, asymmetrical), sizes and bowl combinations.

There are models with same size bowls. Others that come with a large bowl and a small one side-by-side. The small bowl can be to the left or to the right. Depending on your habits and your kitchen design you might prefer to have the small bowl either side.

Accessories. We like Oliveri kitchen sinks as they look nice and come with useful accessories. The model we chose, Oliveri Nu-Petite NP61U is packaged with a drainer, a chopping board and plastic basket to dry cutlery.

Oliveri Nu-Petite NP61U

Where to buy. Kitchen sinks are available in big stores like Harvey Norman, Clivepeeters, Domayne and more. You could also buy these online. The idea is to combine them with the purchase of your kitchen appliances so you could ask for an interesting discount.

Kitchen design. The last point is to make sure you have the correct dimensions of the sinks so you can design the kitchen cupboard accordingly. You don’t want to be in a situation where the kitchen cabinet has been made to your dimensions but the sink you planned to use can’t fit in.

Carefully measuring the sink dimensions under the bench
The kitchen sink is glued to the granite countertop, on site, with a special adhesive

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