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Eco friendly home design

Tips for Greener Home Improvement Design

Eco friendly home design

By Karine

It’s nice to see more and more people do their part in caring for the environment. A lot of eco-friendly products and appliances are now available on the market so consumers have a lot of options to choose from. If you are blessed enough to do some home improvements, you might want to consider a home design that is geared towards green living.

Climate, Lighting and Eco-friendly Products

It is best to consider the climate when renovating your house. If the design of your house works very well with the climate, this can save you money and of course, this will give a comfortable feel in your home. This article can give you an idea regarding the design that will work with the climate.

An architect or home designer can help you in this part of renovation because he is aware of the construction materials that would be suitable to what you need. He can design a floor plan according to what is nice and cost-effective plus he knows the kind of insulation that you need for your home.

Lighting must also be carefully considered because a well-designed indoor that maximizes the use of daylight can help you save on energy bills. You can make the most out of daylight by making the living room face the midday sun if this is possible.

Use light-colored paints for your house because they are cool to the eyes. Here’s a professional painting deal that you might want to consider.

If you want to think about the future, think of designs and products that are environment friendly. Some of these products are insulated wall panels which are made of recycled materials or natural paints. Do not be scared about the price of products like this because many of them have competitive prices.

Maximizing the Use of Glass

Using glass in your home gives it a nice open feel plus it allows natural light to go inside the house. However, glare can be a problem so it is advised that you use a moderate amount of glass when renovating your home. There are energy efficient windows, as well as glass doors and skylights that can allow you to use glass and lets you save at the same time.

The summer heat can be unbearable so consider a shading glass. There are also shutters that you can adjust to block off sunlight. External blinds and vertical trellises are also available to prevent too much sunlight go inside the house. You can also choose curtains and blinds that can serve as shade and design because they can keep the warmth inside your house during the cold season or keep the heat outside during summer.

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  1. You are correct
    – A major concern of many people is that going green will require a huge change in lifestyle. Again, this is true in some cases, but it’s not nearly the whole story. You can do a lot for the environment while improving your lifestyle at the same time.

    – For example: Would you rather change a lightbulb once a year or once every ten years? If you chose ten, you should switch to environmentally friendly CFL lighting. Oh, and it will save some money too

  2. let’s hope that more and more people will start to understand the need for climate and eco-friendly products, even if they need to change their life-style somewhat…and let’s hope it won’t be too late

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