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Switching to NBN NTD from TransACT Fibre to The Premise Equipment

TransACT fibre modem and power backup unit with battery

We had a 100 Mbps Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) connection installed by TransACT back in 2010. The Alcatel fibre modem and battery backup module were both installed inside one of the utility boxes outside the house. The setup and equipment worked fine for years.




The TransACT modem had a port for the TV coaxial cable.

Switching to the NBN Network Termination Device

In 2011 iiNet acquired TransACT then in 2013 it sold TransACT Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) to NBN Co. A few months back in late 2014 I was contacted by iiNet NBN team who let me know as they were rolling out NBN in our region they needed to remove the TransACT FTTP equipment at my house and install the NBN one for me.

On the appointment day the contractor did a quick inspection of the existing installation in the utility box and said the earth wiring had to be upgraded to a 6mm wire as per the new requirements.

I called an electrician in to upgrade the earth wiring and organised a second appointment for an NBN contractor to install their ware.

This time another contractor turned up and he was happy to carry out the modem and power supply unit exchange. Following are photos of the NBN NTD (Network Termination Device, aka modem) and power backup unit.

As you can see there is room in a the utility box to install both the NBN NTD and the UPS. However the contractor took the battery off the UPS, consequently there is no power supply backup. In case of power outage the NTD would not be powered and we would not have internet. The reason I found was the UPS with battery needs to be installed inside the house. On this note I’ve also heard stories about installations of both modules in the utility box and the contractor had left the battery in the UPS.


 The ethernet cable runs through walls and ceiling to a wall socket. It is then connected to a Budii Lite NBN router.


Battery was removed from the UPS.


The TV coaxial cable was cut off and left loose. Luckily we had an areal installed with a wall socket next to the TV that was connected to the TransACT modem.


NBN modem and UPS after installation.

Overall, the removal of existing modem and power unit and installation of new ones took about 1.5 hour. The NBN NTD installed looks bigger than the model used in NBN videos you might find on the internet.

The next step is the configuration of internet with the Budii Lite router.

Budii Lite

It’s a NBN capable router with 4 gigabit port switch, Wifi 802.11.ac and Net2phone.



I just followed the steps to set up internet. The account details were communicated to me prior to the installation so I had them handy.

After a few hours internet was up and running. The speed was not as fast as with previous TransACT equipment but internet was working… until it went down a few days later. That’s a topic for another post. Stay tuned.

UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply aka power backup unit.

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