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A small bathroom

Small Bathroom Designs in Style

By Karine

A small bathroomA lot of people spend a considerable amount of time inside their bathroom because they say that bathroom time is their ‘me’ time. For people blessed with large and fully-functional bathrooms, staying inside the bathroom is enjoyable. But how can it be enjoyable for people with small bathrooms?

Generally, a small bathroom may range from 2 square metre to 5.5 square metre. This is also based on how big your house is. A small bathroom can be a half-bath meaning there’s only a toilet and sink; a three-quarter bath meaning there’s a toilet, sink plus shower or tub; or a full bath meaning there’s a toilet, a sink, and a combined shower and tub.

If you are sad because your bathroom is small and you think it is hopeless, then be sad no more. We have simple small bathroom design ideas that you can try at your own bathroom.

First, if you have a vanity with cupboard, make sure that everything is organized. Utilize the small space very well. Make sure that your cupboard only contains things that you usually use. Those you seldom use, keep them in a storage box, which brings us to the next point. Start collecting storage bins or boxes where you can organize your things in a stylish way. There are a lot of storage boxes that you can check out. They are stylish, affordable and come in many different sizes.

Also consider using lighter paint on your wall. Lighter paints can make your bathroom look airier and bigger. To keep the room clean from any clutter, make sure that big items such as towels or hampers are out of sight. It is also a space saver if you will put a shower shelf where you can place all your shampoo, body wash, conditioner and the likes. This will also keep your tub’s edges clutter-free.

You can also check this video to see what small design ideas can make your bathroom look bigger:

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  1. You have stated a good article. Really bathroom is the only place where people can enjoy their own time as long they want. So having a stylish and bigger bathroom with proper design is adorable. Thank you for your suggestions. Hope this will help.

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