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Chief architect interior design software

How To Plan Your Interior Design

Chief architect interior design software
Even before the first brick for your custom house is laid it’s a good idea to have planned your interior design. Ideally that would include location of furniture in various rooms, wall & ceiling colour scheme, flooring, window covering, features, etc.

One of the activities we found most challenging in the process of designing and building a custom house was planning our interior design. When you look at it there are many things to think about:

  • Window covering: blinds or curtains? Type of fabric, materials and colour?
  • Window frame colours
  • Paint colours: which ones for the walls and which one for the ceiling? And how about the doors and architraves?
  • Lighting
  • Floor covering
  • Style of furniture and location
  • Kitchen doors and appliances

At the beginning we knew we wanted tiles in all living areas and we agreed to a no carpet policy. We were also inclined toward white and beige paint colours to create bright interior spaces and dark gray window frames would add accent to the scheme.

Although we had some clear guidelines it still took us a lot of time and effort to try coordinate all the elements to create an interior design we felt happy with.

Back then I used resources I could find on the internet in an attempt to find and combine colour schemes we would like. Unfortunately I could not find a lot of interior design programs or software so we ended up doing a lot of display house visits to see for ourselves how the different colours and furnitures were matched by professional interior designers. Check out this article about Kitchen colour schemes in open plan homes.

Today you can use a program called Chief Architect Interiors to plan your interior design like a pro.

interior design software chief architect interiors
Chief Architect Interiors boasts impressive functionalities to help you design your interior design

With this software you can change paint colours on the wall, show the material you like on the floor, place pieces furniture on the floor plan. Once you have all elements you want on the plan just vary the colours to create different combinations and get a feel of the ambiance created. It’s just amazing to see different interior decors come into life in 3D.

You can watch a short presentation video to see if the software provides the features you need here. Does it work in metric for us Aussies? Yes you can configure the software to work either in imperial or metric mode.

If you are interested to try it own, you can download it for a free 30 day trial.

Having your interior design planned early will streamline the whole design and building process of your new house. You’ll have a good idea of what the end result will look like exterior and interior. Knowing what paint colours, floor covering materials and other interior items to order in advance will enable you to take advantage of discount sales and promotions. As a result you’ll be able to save money, time and energy.

Happy interior design!

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  1. Another thing to think about when planning interiors is window cill height. Floor to ceiling windows mean you can’t put furniture in front of them but if you have a higher cill level its then more practical to place furniture near the window.

    • This is indeed an aspect that can be overlooked during the design stage. For a standard window the cill will be high enough and you can have a desk against the wall but for custom sizes make sure you plan the furniture accordingly.

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