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Now You Can Have A Portable Encyclopedia of House Designs Without Spending A Dime

During the weeks I was working on our house designs and floor plans I visited quite often libraries, news stands, bookshops to buy home design magazines and books. Although I used the internet a lot to look for home design ideas, kitchen designs I still found the paper format convenient as I could move around with them, read in bed, bring along to show the designs we like to architect, builder. More importantly I felt the photos in the glossy magazines were of much better quality than what I could find online.

After we moved into our new house I gathered all the house design and home decorating books and magazines I had purchased over the time to store them tidily on the bookcase. Together they made up a stack of fifty two books! I didn’t realise we had bought that many. By adding up average prices of $10 per magazine (the books are more expensive though) it’s a $500 spent on home design publications alone! Most of the time what we were looking for in the magazines was nice photos to spark our creative engine for design ideas.

Where can you get gorgeous any kind of house design pictures for free?

Nowadays – as free online dictionaries tend to replace the big, heavy dictionaries we were used to – not only you can have access to thousands of professional quality pictures of home decor and house designs you can also have them all on the move in your pocket or your hand bag!

Houzz has released an iPhone app and an iPad app you can download for free. With the app on your mobile device you have access to the huge library while on the go. It’s like having the hundred, even thousands of house design magazines in the palm of your hand! Freed from the desk staring at the computer screen, you can now browse through the photos while relaxing on your couch.

Using the app you also have access to your ideabooks. That’s really convenient as you can continue putting your ideas together while waiting for doctor appointment.

It’s so convenient to be able to show your architect the style of house and floor plans you would like to build, to  share your kitchen design ideabook with the kitchen company, to show the builder your selection of interior paint colours, and so on.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad visit the App store and download the Houzz app. You’ll no longer need to buy home design magazines!

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  1. For people on Android , check out ‘Make Your Home’. Its really good.

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