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Neat Garage Storage Solutions for Your Hand Tools

Do you have hand tools that you can’t easily find because they are buried one under another in tool boxes or cartons?

I enjoy making wood cabinets and creating handmade things so over the time I have acquired quite a few hand tools, and the tool boxes to store them. The issue arose as I could not find the tools I needed quickly when I needed for a particular job. Basically they were stored in different cartons, tool boxes, in different places around the garage and the house 🙁

To solve this problem one solution I’ve adopted is to hang them all on a wall in the garage. The goal was that at a glance you can see where every tool is and have quick access to them. 🙂

The wall I selected for this garage storage solution is the one between the garage and the hallway. It’s an internal wall with plaster boards on each side and insulation batts inside. This wall is convenient as it’s on the shortest path from the house to the tools. I didn’t want to make holes all over the plaster sheet which would impact negatively on insulation, so what I did was to fix MDF panels on the wall before hanging the tools.

Below are the construction steps if you would like to implement similar garage storage solution for your hand tools

You can install one row of garage shelving to create storage space high up, above the panels for the hand tools

Garage shelving
The brackets are firmly screwed to the studs behind the wall then timber shelves are attached to the brackets

U cuts are made in the timber then these tracks are attached to the studs to create support for the MDF panels. In my case two tracks are enough to provide a strong base and stability to the panels on which you will hang your hand tools

Tracks for panels
Timber tracks are attached to the studs, these tracks are designed to support the MDF panels

Cuts in the timber tracks to allow attachment to the wall. To make these cuts I used a Ryobi mitre saw.

Cuts in back supports for panels
Cuts in timber to create back supports for panels

MDF panels attached to the tracks with timber screws

A gap allows for storing of 1L paint cans
A gap allows for storing of 1L paint cans under the shelf

Final result with hand tools organised and quickly accessible. I was able to clear the garage floor from a three moving boxes after hanging all the tools on the new wall.

Garage storage solution to organise your hand tools
Garage storage solution to keep all your hand tools organised and quickly accessible

More practical tips to create garage storage

What garage storage method did you use to keep your hand tools organised and easily accessible?


  1. I have this same problem. My tools are spread all over the place in different bags and boxes. I tried organizing them in some cabinets, but I still can’t really find what I am looking for. I am definitely going to try and hang some of them on the wall so I can see them clearly.

  2. A further refinement is paint the tool shape on the backboard (making it a Shadow Board) This allows you to see at a glance if all the tools are back in their place. It stops you leaving a spanner under the bonnet, when you have been working on the car, and then loosing it when you drive off

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