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Kitchen Planner – List Of Free Resources You Can Use To Design Your Kitchen

Kitchen Planner tools and softwares are time savers when it comes to design your own kitchen

When we were planning our kitchen I did a lot of research on the Internet to look for a kitchen planner tool or software.

Unfortunately I could not find one that did all I needed and for free. Consequently we had to combine several resources available out there to plan our kitchen. Below is the list of free resources we used as our kitchen planner aid.
IKEA Kitchen Planner
Creative Commons License photo credit: Daniele Muscetta

  • Bunnings DIY Kitchen planner. It’s a free online tool. You can design simple shape kitchen and put in cabinets. It’s simple to use but features are limited.
Bunnings kitchen planner allows you to design simple kitchens with 3D view
  • IKEA Australia Home Planner software has a module to design your kitchen with their products. You need to install a plug-in in Firefox and start placing cabinets in the kitchen. Dimensions use the metric system
If you plan to have an IKEA kitchen then the IKEA kitchen planner is the perfect tool for the job
  • Floorplanner.com is what we used the most to design our kitchen. It is not a specific kitchen design software as it’s more a floor plan tool but it does allow more flexibility than the two other. You can resize cabinets to your custom dimensions whereas Ikea only caters for their products that have their own fixed dimensions. With Floorplanner.com you can also view your kitchen design in 3D
Floorplanner.com turns out to be a helpful tool to design kitchens with 3D views
You can use Envisage to preview colour combinations

Read here for tips about planning your new kitchen.

What kitchen planner do you use?

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  1. Thanks for providing a list of sites that I can use to model my kitchen.

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