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Kitchen Layouts – Which of These 6 Popular New Kitchen Design Layouts Will You Choose?

You probably know the saying ‘the kitchen is like the soul of the house’.

The kitchen is probably the area or room many people spend the most of their time when in the house. For cooking food of course but it’s also a space many of us use to enjoy casual meals and entertain guests.

Depending on your household and lifestyle you will want to make sure that your kitchen layouts are not only thought with today’s needs but also with the needs of the future as your family evolves.

When planning your kitchen you will want to ensure that your cooking styles and habits are taken into account. Think about how to arrange the five main functional areas of your kitchen:

  • Food storage
  • Food preparation
  • China and cutlery
  • Pots and pans
  • Cleaning agents and waste

To help you design your kitchen whether it’s part of a new house or it’s a kitchen renovation project we have listed 6 kitchen layouts you can select from. Of course you can also combine these contemporary layouts to create your unique kitchen.

1. One-counter Kitchen

Popular layout amongst small kitchen designs. However it still has all the functional areas catered for.

One-counter kitchen layout with functional areas
One-counter kitchen layout with functional areas

2. Galley Kitchen

This is one of our favourite kitchen layouts. We classify it amongst what we call contemporary kitchen designs.

We actually designed our kitchen based on the concept of the galley kitchen combined with the island idea. We made some changes to this design to suit our particular needs. The double sink is on the island whereas the cooktop and fridge are situated on the wall side.

Galley kitchen layout with functional areas
Galley kitchen layout with functional areas

3. L-shaped Kitchen

This layout is gorgeous for both a small or large kitchen. You can vary the design by adding an island to increase working surface and storage.

L-shaped kitchen layout
L-shaped kitchen layout

4. U-shaped Kitchen

This layout is suitable for a large kitchen design. It offers a lot of working space and storage. You could place a window above the sink to get more natural light into the kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen layout
U-shaped kitchen layout

5. G-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen could sit in a corner of the room. One of the opposite side could be designed as a bar. This is a beautiful and spacious layout. A window above the counter bench provides natural light into the kitchen.

G-shaped kitchen layout
G-shaped kitchen layout

6. Island Kitchen

This is one of the most popular modern kitchen design layouts for new houses. The island serves as a food preparation area but you can also sit around it to have meals and breakfast.

Island kitchen
Island kitchen

Images courtesy of Hettich International – Intelligent kitchens.

Which kitchen layouts have you considered for your new home?

Post image credit: giuvanpelt

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  1. Thanks for sharing these info. We’ve also found the advices at Hettich Intelligent kitchens quite helpful. We have mostly wide kitchen drawers as well. Keep up the good work

    • Thanks Amanda for the positive feedback and encouragement. Best of luck with your house building or renovation project.

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