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Why Kitchen Drawers Are Great And Can Save You Money

Five reasons why wide kitchen drawers are better options than cupboards

People ask me often if it’s better to have cupboards or drawers in the kitchen.

My answer is to go for drawers. But not any size drawers. I would recommend to design your kitchen with wide drawers. For the same space you will have less drawers but you will be able to store more. In our kitchen the only cupboard we have the one is under the sink since you can’t have drawers there.

Benefits of wide kitchen drawers include:

  • You can store more things, example with pots, pans, plates like on these pictures of our kitchen
A 80cm wide drawer can store a complete dining set 36pce and more!
  • Less kitchen drawers mean less labour for the kitchen company therefore cheaper to make. In the photo below there 7 pots with lids one of which is a 8 litre stock pot! They fit in one wide drawer.
7 medium to large sized pots with lids fit comfortably in a 90cm wide drawer
Wide kitchen drawer with pots
90cm wide kitchen drawers with Blumotion Soft-closing runners from Blum
  • By reducing the number of kitchen drawers (but make them wider) you could actually have the best hardware such as the Blum soft-close rails for a little extra

  • It’s easier to reach the things you store in drawers. No more backache when bending to reach things in the cupboard. Your kitchen is more ergonomic
Spice jars well visible and easily accessible in a wide drawer with Blumotion soft-closing runners
For cutlery we've used cutlery drawer inserts Orga-Line from Blum (the stainless steel divider module to the right)
  • A wire basket can replace ergonomically a cupboard for your sauces, oils, condiments, etc.
A 45cm wide wire basket in a drawer to keep oil, sauces and condiments handy
Seamless design with a wire basket to replace a cupboard. The door has the same width as the two others to the left

You can visit Blum website for more information about Blumotion drawers runners.

For more info about ergonomics in a kitchen I would strongly recommend to visit Hettich Intelligent Kitchens website here.

Do you have more kitchen drawers or cupboards?

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  1. Hi,
    I totally agree with you that drawers are much better than cupboards. I didn’t think much about wide drawers though but having read your article I can see why it makes sense!

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