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Kitchen Door Handles – Pictures And Tips To Select The Right Handles For Your New Kitchen

Kitchen door handles are great addition to new kitchen designs

There are virtually hundreds of different kinds of kitchen door handles available on the market these days. It can be overwhelming going through all of them to select the kitchen handles that suit your kitchen cabinet.

To help you go through this process I would group the handles under five main styles based on their shapes and form:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Arch
  • Provincial
  • Contemporary

Six Tips to Select Kitchen Door Handles

  1. If you have your kitchen custom made it’s likely that the kitchen company will have a range of handles for you to select from.
  2. Designer handles are expensive. The main stream ones are more cost effective for the kitchen company thus they will include these in their quote. Depending on your budget you can select within the expensive range or within the main stream. Don’t panic. There are plenty of nice handles in this category though.
  3. If you want a provincial kitchen there are handles that fit that style.
  4. If your kitchen design is more modern or contemporary you might want to go with square brush chrome finish handles. If you have active children or you receive children at your place you might want to go with handles that don’t have sharp edges. Arch style handles would be pretty good candidates.
  5. Don’t forget to also consider “handleless” kitchen doors. A modern kitchen looks gorgeous with handleless doors since the line is clean without any protuberance. Handleless doors are more expensive to make as they require more labour.
  6. Mix doors with handles for cabinets and handleless doors for wall cupboards. The doors are just made one to two centimetre higher than the cupboard so that you can open by pulling at the bottom of them. It’s not more expensive to have these kinds of doors.

Square Kitchen Door Handles

These handles exist in different lengths and come usually in chrome or aluminium finish. They are very popular in modern design kitchens.

Square kitchen door handles in chrome finish

Round Style Handles

Come mainly in chrome, brushed chrome or stainless style finish. Look great in a modern kitchen on glossy painted doors.

Rounded chrome finish door handles

Arch Style Handles

These handles look nice on a traditional kitchen. They are less expensive than the two first categories.

If you have kids these handles are worth considering since they are rounded and don’t have edges that could hurt a too active kid.

Classic arch style door handles
One of the classics

Provincial Style Handles

Contemporary Style Handles

What kind of kitchen door handles have you selected for your kitchen? Also if you find this article helpful please share it.

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