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Kitchen Designs – More Ideas To Create Your Unique Kitchen

Kitchen Designs For Every Cook

Kitchen designs should speak of the person who uses that space. The way you cook and your kitchen should show everyone who enters your style and what you do.
A caterer’s space has a certain look. A homemaker keeps a room that’s designed for little kids, and someone who hosts parties have a space designed to entertain. More than anything, you’ll want it to let your guests see who you are.

Your first consideration is the layout of the room. It must make sense for the ways in which you plan to use it. If you entertain often, you room to move around. If you have kids, you need extra counter space. Find a way to keep the stove and oven inaccessible to small children, and get a pass-thru to the dining room when you feel like serving the dinner entirely from the stove. Have an architect consult you when you have questions.

Caterers or owners of cottage bakeries will need extra burners on their stove and more than one oven to accommodate all the preparation that happens in the space. You want to put the stove and oven away from one another if you’re afraid one will make the other too hot, and you may even a separate sink for all the extra dishes.

Your kitchen appliances become very important when planning the room. You must decide if you want a refrigerator with french doors or traditional doors. This determines the placement of the fridge, and it determines how close it can be to other appliances. You may also want room for a trash compactor, microwave, or stand alone freezer.

Choose a colour theme that makes you feel comfortable. Themes could run anywhere from your favorite restaurant to your honeymoon and your childhood home. You want to pick something that makes the whole room the most inviting space in your home. Everyone won’t be able to stop hanging out in your kitchen.

The cabinets in any cooking space can instantly change how functional it is. The kitchen layout and placement of cabinets and racks should make it easy to find all your cooking equipment. Get a wine rack when you really like wine, a pot rack over your stove, or install a bar with a glass rack for when you like to imbibe. Anything that makes the space easy to use should be welcome. You want guests to be able to walk in the room and feel at ease.

Your windows should be placed so that enough natural light comes into the space to make the space feel open. You should be able to open a window in case you have a little accident. You may also want some french doors going out to your deck in case you ever want to grill.

Make your kitchen into the space that you want to stay in all day long. Your guests should feel welcome, there should be room for everything you own, and all the appliances you need should fit. Come up with kitchen designs that mirror your lifestyle, and enjoy your new home.

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