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Install Laminate Flooring [DIY]

Laminate flooringWhen building your new house there are many things you might want to do yourself in order to save on the overall building costs. There are those that have a green thumb and would take on the garden and landscaping. Others are good at painting or installing tiles.

For our new home we decided to have tiles in all areas except for the bedrooms and home office where I would install laminate flooring myself. In this post I will list all the tools I used to complete the installation of 12mm thick laminate flooring around the house.

You can buy an installation kit at the store where you source your laminate floor. It contains a pull bar, tapping block and plastic spacers as shown on the below picture.

laminate flooring installation kit
Laminate flooring installation kit

The plastic spacers were not very strong so I used 8mm thick plywood to ensure there is the required gap between the edge of the planks and the wall skirting.

To cut the planks to fit around doorway my loyal Bosch jigsaw was equipped with brand new special blades for this kind of material. My compound mitre saw was handy to cut to length.

jigsaw and blades
An powerful electrical jigsaw will help you do the job quicker

Don’t hesitate to put on new blades for a clean job. Buying the right type of blades will save you time also.

blades suitable for laminate flooring
I found the Progressor for Wood blade was more suitable for cutting laminate

To cut the metal trim used where the laminate planks meet the doorways you’ll need a jack bow saw. A box hand saw is handy to cut the moldings at angle. A couple of handyman clamps help hold the planks in place while you make use of the jigsaw.

Finally to install the moldings I invested in an air compressor and an air nailer. The salesman at the laminate floor store had suggested to use glue to fix the moldings. I gave it a try but found out it was much quicker and more durable to use an air nailer instead.

compressor air nailer handsaw and handyman clamps
A midsized air compressor and an air nailer are a must to finish off the job with installing the moldings

Even when you factor in the purchase costs of these tools, it’s still much cheaper to install laminate flooring yourself. When the job is done you get to keep the tools for other projects. Check out my shed and garage projects.

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