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How To Hang a Large Dry Erase Whiteboard

Hanging a large whiteboard

Our new house design allows for a home office. Our dry erase whiteboard is actually quite large, 120cm x 90cm and quite heavy. To safely hang it on the wall I decided to use a technique I haven’t seen much here yet. This is a technique my dad showed me when he owned and run a joinery and cabinet business. It was used every time a heavy overhead cupboard, book shelve were to be hang on a wall.

I find a lot benefits to this method:

  • You can work by yourself, a second person as an aid to hold the board in place while marking/drilling is not necessary
  • Very strong as the support on the wall is attached to the stud and not to the plaster
  • Easy to adjust to get perfect level
  • Can virtually be applied to anything heavy you need to hang on a wall
  • Clean as you need to drill only a few holes to provide a very strong support (in my case only two holes on the wall)
  • Quick

In this post I’ll share with you this technique.

Tools and materials I used

  • MDF 12mm
  • 2 x 8G 60mm timber screws
  • 3 x 6G 16mm timber screws
  • A Bosch jigsaw
  • steel square
  • stud finder
  • clamps
  • ordless screw driver

Step 1. Prepare and attach the support to the board

A long piece of MDF with a 45 degree cut will be screwed to the white board
A 60cm long piece of MDF with a 45 degree bevel cut will be screwed to the white board
I used a Bosch jigsaw to make the cut
You can use a jigsaw to make the bevel cut
Back white board
I used a 60cm long 12mm MDF as the support for the white board. The bevel cut is directed downward
Attached the MDF to the board from the front with 3 screws 20 cm apart
Attached the MDF to the board from the front with 3 screws 20 cm apart

This is how the back of the dry whiteboard looks like once the MDF has been attached to it:

Support at the back of dry erase board
The piece of MDF has been securely attached to the dry erase whiteboard with 3 screws

Step 2. Prepare and attach the counter support

The piece of MDF to be fixed to the stud trough the plaster wall needs to be higher so you can have two attach points to provide optimal strength.

Wall support for the whiteboard
I used my steel square as guide for the jigsaw. Because of the inclination of the tool the guide had to be thin
fix to wall
Find the stud, put the MDF support in place with the bevel cut directed upward and pre-drill through the plaster to reach the stud with a small diameter bit. Attach the piece of MDF with one 8G 60mm screw. That will allow you to level the MDF by rotating it. Once leveled fasten the screw tightly
Check level of whiteboard
Hang whiteboard, check level and take the board off to attach the second screw


second screw
Install the second screw through the MDF to the stud. Now two screws hold this piece of MDF firmly on the wall. I used 2 8G x 60mm timber screws for optimal strength

Final step. Hang your office whiteboard

Hover the board over the wall support and slide down slowly until the board is like stuck to the wall by the magic of the MDF supporting system. The weight of the whiteboard combined with gravity makes it firmly stuck to the wall thanks to the bevel cuts in the MDF support.

To remove the board, just slide it up and take it away. It’s that easy!

In conclusion I like this technique even for hanging an office whiteboard. I don’t mind if the screws on the board are visible. I could put screw caps to make them less visible. My priorities here were safety – the board must be securely hung on stud and not plaster – with a minimum of holes in the wall.

If you use another technique please feel free to share in the comment section.

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