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Popular layout of a bath, vanity and shower in a standard dimension bathroom

How To Design Your House Floor Plans Quickly By Using These Common Dimensions

One of the things that took me a lot of time when I was drawing my house floor plans was that I was constantly wondering what the standard or common dimensions of a particular room or area were. Dimensions I needed to know included:

  • bathroom dimensions minimum
  • standard laundry dimensions
  • walk in pantry dimensions
  • halfway dimensions minimum
  • etc.

When you design a custom house from scratch you want to make sure the bathroom is not too small and there is enough circulation space for traffic ways. As we wanted a walk-in pantry, or more exactly a kitchenette next to the main kitchen, we wanted it to be not too big but enough to house a sink and a dishwasher along with cupboards and shelves for food storage.

These seemed trivial considerations to us but turned out to be quite critical when I discussed with our architect. I learned for example that the bathroom dimensions had to be at least 2.7m x 1.8m. A laundry needs to be at least 1.8m wide so you can circulate.

I’ve gathered here common dimensions for typical rooms, areas like hallways, bathroom, shower, laundry, etc. I gained these from my consultations with an architect. I hope they will help you speed up with the design process of your house floor plans. If there are specific requirements imposed on your block of land you may want to check these dimensions with your architect and/or builder so that your plans can pass the approval process.

I wish I had these info when I was drawing my floor plans. It would have saved me a lot of time going back and forth measuring these areas at display houses.

Bathroom Dimensions

Minimum dimensions for a bathroom with bath, bathroom vanity and shower: 2.7m x 1.8m

Popular layout of a bath, vanity and shower in a standard dimension bathroom

Shower Dimensions

Popular dimensions for bathroom is 0.90cm x 0.90cm. If you shower screens will be custom made to your design (shower screen company comes and measure then manufactures it to your dimensions) then give it more room with 0.90cm x 1.0m or even 1.0m x 1.0m. You won’t regret it.

Laundry Dimensions

The minimal recommended width of a laundry is 1.8m to give you enough room to move around and operate the washing machine.

In the following diagram you’ll see the washing machine is placed next to the wall where the outward door is. In this arrangement you enjoy the bench area next to the pantry. Another benefit with this little trick is that you can use a washing machine with top load.

A permutation of the tub and the washing machine seems such a simple yet sensible thing to do but I still see in many new houses where the tub is placed next to the wall. As a result you can only use a front loading washing machine under the bench. If you have a top loading washing machine then you either need to remove the bench or change your appliance!

See how the washing machine is placed next to the wall. This simple flip between the tub and the washing machine allows you to use a top loading washing machine without losing your bench area

Walk-in Pantry Dimensions

If you want to have a door for you walk-in pantry then it is recommended to have it at least 1.5m wide so you can have shelves and easily circulate from within.

1.5m wide walk-in pantry allows ample storage space and easy circulation within

Hallways Dimensions

It’s pretty hard if not impossible to avoid hallways in your custom house floor plans. If you do have hallways leading to bedrooms for example, it’s recommended to have it 0.95m wide minimum. Builder plans usually have them at 0.90m wide but you end up with a smaller internal width because of the plaster walls. I can ensure you an extra 5cm makes a big difference.

Toilet Dimensions

Builder plans have them as 0.90m wide. Increase it to 1.0m wide on your custom plan to give it a bit more space.

Double Garage Dimensions

6m x 6m is enough for two medium sized cars. If you have big SUVs you may want to increase this area as to have more room to open doors to get in and out the cars without too much contortion.

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