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How To Build A House

How To Build A House – 10 Critical Steps To Build A Custom Designed House

After our purchase of block of land in a new estate we set out to start our house construction project.

The steps we went through to build our house could be grouped in the following list of 10:

  1. Planning
  2. New home design with an architect
  3. Finalise working drawings
  4. Get approval of house floor plans
  5. Assess and select a a house builder
  6. Signing building contract
  7. House construction
  8. Inclusion selection
  9. Inspections
  10. Handover

During the time prior to the block of land being ready for construction, we started the Planning Phase.

This phase consisted of visiting display homes to get a variety of house design ideas, kitchen designs, bathroom ideas for our project. Those visits were also opportunities to talk with architects, builders, designers to get advice, quotes, inclusions and time estimates.

In parallel we discussed with friends who had had their houses built and checked out their builders.

Once we had some rough ideas of design, costs and timeframes we started the New Home Design phase with an architect.

For us the Design phase was one of the most exciting phases of our journey to build a house. The expected outcome of the design was a floor plan which builders would be able to quote on.

Towards the end of this phase we started to consult a short list of four builders for quotes. We shortlisted them based on the houses they built and reputation. All four builders were able to provide us a quote based on the floor plan. Interestingly price variations were quite large. Between the lowest and the highest quote the difference was more than one hundred thousand dollars for a four bedroom, double garage one storey house! We spent some time to compare quotes before we select the preferred builder.

Once all paperwork were signed construction of the house could commence. The construction took six month during which we had to:

  • select items in the inclusion list
  • select a different kitchen company to the one suggested by the builder as we wanted our kitchen designed and made by the same company who made one for a friend of ours
  • monitor and control the work on site
  • contact electricity company to organise meter installation
  • contact internet and telephone provider
  • etc.

You can browse this website for articles related to all aspects of the construction of our house. There are also  things we did after handover.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your interestting articles which I found just two days before I choose a block of land in the Wright. I look forward to reading them in detail and happy to receive any follow up.



    • Hi Dexter,

      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on the purchase of your new block of land.
      I am glad you find the articles useful. I will be putting a few more over the next days and hope they can help you with your construction project.
      I wish you all the best for your house construction project.


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