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Moving walls, placing doors, windows cannot be easier with Floorplanner.com!

House Floor Plans App To Design Your Dream House

How To Draw House Floor Plans in 2D and 3D For Free With Floorplanner.com

After extensive research for a software or website to draw my house floor plans I came across a website called Floorplanner.com.

To me Floorplanner.com offers the easiest yet the most comprehensive and powerful system to draw house floor plans. I also love the fact that you can draw directly online in a browser. No software to download and install. Just a browser, internet connection and your ideas. Another big plus is that Floorplanner.com can be configured to work with measurements in metric which we use in Australia.

Last but not least it also renders your plans with furniture in it in 3D. And it does all this for free!

Before you start drawing the first floor plan though I would suggest you take a look at this short presentation video. You will see what you can do with this wonderful tool.

1. Go to floorplanner.com and register for a free account

Sign up for a free account at http://Floorplanner.com

2. Enter your email and password

Enter your email address and password to create an account

3. After you have entered your email and password you get the dashboard, click on Start a new plan

Click on Start a new plan

4. Voila! You can start drawing your floor plan on a blank canvas

You can start drawing your house floor plan. It’s that simple!

5. Click on the below image to see a bigger version with basic commands

Draw your house floor plans accurately to scale

6. On the following screenshot you can see I have split the southern wall and moved a portion of it to make an L-shaped room. I have also added a door by dragging and dropping it from the Library. Finally I placed a window on the northern wall.

As you can see you can resize these elements either by clicking and moving using your mouse or by entering their exact measurements in the dialogue box. Quite accurate indeed.

Moving walls, placing doors, windows cannot be easier with Floorplanner.com!

7. Below is a floor plan I drew of the place we lived before. It put in the furniture so I can see how things look on a plan and compare with the reality I was in. It’s always hard to draw a floor plan from just ideas and not know how the reality would be, especially traffic ways, hallway, distance from the couch to the TV for example, etc. Furniture on the plan are our furniture we wanted to keep.

A nice feature of Floorplanner.com worth noting is that it calculates area of the rooms for you. In the following plan you can see the bedroom 1 is roughly 12 sqm and the kitchen is roughly 19 sqm.

Floor plan with everything in the house to scale

8. The same plan rendered in 3D. You’ll notice the furnitures have been rendered in 3D too! You can move the mouse and see the same house from different angles.

See you house floor plan in 3D with the furniture inside!

Play with the tool and you will see it’s too easy to use. You’ll master it in no time and draw floor plans that would have required architect without this software.

The Free account is just fine. It gives you 1 project with 3 floors, and 3 designs per floor. Free account display ads.

If you want more design per floor I would recommend to upgrade to a Plus account for a one time fee of $29. You can view it as a cost of less than 3 home deco magazines. It’s a tiny expense in comparison to the overall budget of your house construction project.

It gives you up to five complete projects, removes ads. You can also export 2D & 3D images up to 1024×768 pixels, add external media like photos and videos.

This is the account I used to design our house floor plans and it’s really worth it. Other softwares are more expensive but can’t do a tenth of Floorplanner.com!

What software, tool do you use to draw your house floor plans?

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  1. Yes, you can draw your house with this software no problems. will it comply with all the Australian Standards, Building Commission standards, Building Regulations, Council regulations, State regulations, etc. answer is no.

    • Very good point H_plans. The software is a tool to help you draw floor plans so you can discuss with your architect, builder during the design stage.
      The final working drawings to be submitted for approval will have to take into consideration all the elements you mentioned. It’s where you need to consult the services of a professional draftsman.

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