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House Designs and Floor Plans On The Go

Image by Florin Hatmanu

Being able to browse through collection of new house designs and floor plans wherever you find yourself is to me a great thing when you are in the design phase of building a new home. For example the time spent waiting for an appointment, in a queue at the grocery store could be better used to flick through house designs to generate ideas.

Metricon Homes has released an iPhone app you can use to browse a large portfolio of beautiful new house designs along with floor plans.

The app is free and can be downloaded in the App store:

Metricon iPhone app
With this iPhone app you can browse through an impressive collection of house design and floor plans published by Metricon

When you launch the app it lets you choose a region you are interested to see house designs for. At the moment it has Melbourne Metro, New South Wales, Queensland & Northern NSW, Regional Victoria and Southern NSW.

You then can browse through the collection of homes for that region or filter to only view new home designs that match your criteria. The photos of the buildings are high quality and many of these modern houses just look stunning.

Browse collection of new houses or filter
Browse through the collection of new houses or use the filter to make a selection

Using the filter you can make a selection of house designs based on number of storeys, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and floor plan size:

Filtering to make a selection of house design
The filter is useful to show only house designs suitable for your block

Clicking on a house takes you to an intermediary menu screen that allows you to select to dive into sub-sections like floor plans, facades, photos of the house, the kitchen designs, take photos and notes.

Intermediary menu screen
From here just click on the icons to view floor plans, photos of facades and so on

Icon Floorplans brings up two tables. The first one lists overall dimensions of the house and the second one gives you an idea of the dimensions of different rooms of the house.

I find the first table quite helpful as you can see at a glance whether or not the dimensions of the house would suit your block of land.

Home dimensions
You can see the home dimensions at a glance

The second table contains dimensions for each room:

Summary of room dimensions
Summary of room dimensions

Below are a few screen captures of the photos you can view from the app of a house design called “Bellino 20” (I guess it means “beautiful, pretty” in Italian).

The Bellino floor plan shows a kitchen design in a U-shaped layout with a passage to allow a better circulation flow:

Floor plan of the Bellino
Section of the floor plan showing the kitchen, dining and family
Facade of the Bellino house design
Stunning photo of the facade of the Bellino
Modern ensuite with double basin vanity
Modern ensuite with double basin vanity
Bellino master bedroom with ensuite
Master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in robe

Other interesting features of the app include:

  • Location of display house built on the design you are interested in
  • A notebook to write down your thoughts and ideas
  • A camera function to take photos. The shots are filed under the house designs. You might want to use this function to take pictures of the display house and use the notebook function to record thoughts and ideas to review later on
  • Inclusion list for each house
  • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email. At the moment though the house design is not attached in the email

Overall I find this app well designed and very simple to use. When on the go you can use it to browse through new home designs to generate ideas for your house floor plans.

I guess Metricon will add more features and content to it in future releases. For instance a video icon is there.

As far as enhancements are concerned I would love the ability to view photos in landscape mode. At the moment the app only works in portrait mode (vertical) on the iPhone.

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  1. Very handy I must say. After visiting display homes will allow people to remember what they looked at and perhaps even save on paper brochures and thus trees.

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