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House Builders – How To Assess And Select A House Builder

House Builders – How We Selected Our House Builder Using Six Objective Criteria

Building a house seemed such a daunting journey in itself for us that we wanted to be very careful in the process of selecting our house builder.

Like many people we visited display homes and tried to discuss with house builders whenever possible. Usually builders that have houses in display village are big enough to hire sales assistants and you don’t get to talk with the house builders but with the sales rep.

Sometimes though we could come across the builder and when that happened we would talk with him asking a few questions to try build an initial level of relationship. We would ask for building prices, inclusions, floor plans and most importantly contacts and addresses of past customers so we could call to ask for feedback.

Visit of a display village to meet with house builders

What we found thought was that only few builders would provide us with past customer details arguing that they would rather not bother them…

Since we used consultancy services of an architect, he was kind to give us contact details of his three most preferred builders. This is great because these builders are familiar with the way our architect designs new houses and know perfectly how to build those houses.

It was like a walk in the park for us to call and meet these builders. I could talk directly with the builders and get their detailed quotes based on our architect sketch. I felt more comfortable discussing budget and schedule with these guys than with house builders randomly picked in a display village.

Another way for us to select one among many house builders was to get recommendations from friends that just had their house built. This turned out to be the method by which we selected the builder that will get the job.

Our friends kindly shared their house building experience with us in details, the highs, the lows, the good moments and the bad ones.

Thanks to friend’s feedback we learned more about the builder personality as well as the tradesmen, contractors who worked for him.

To help us make final decision we put together the following list of 6 criteria:

  1. Budget
  2. Schedule
  3. Quality of construction
  4. Quality of finishing
  5. Builder ways of working
  6. Past customer feedback

The builder we finally selected is the one who built our friend house.

Like many house construction projects there were highs and lows in ours as well. In the end, however, we are happy with the house he built for us. It was built within budget and only two weeks behind schedule.

We would recommend this builder to a friend.

What is your process of assessing and selecting house builders?


  1. Can you please tell me the name of your builder ?

  2. Yes, we are planning to build a house possibly in bonner. Can you tell me the name of your builder and how much they charge per sq m.

    • Hi Shaik,
      Just sent you builder contact via email.
      Good luck with your construction project

      • Hello there Vince, I am also in the same boat as shaik, could you also kindly let me know the name of the builder please. Kind regards.

        • Hi Jodemu,
          Just sent you the builder contact via email. Good luck with your house construction. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how it goes for you.

  3. Hi, Vince, your site is really good, we have learnt a lot from your experience. We are currently designing our house and will be building soon in Canberra? Could you please let me know who your architect and builder is?


  4. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for your nice feedback. I’m glad you find the content useful. Please check your email.
    All the best with your house building project.

  5. Please recommend me a commercial builder for a medium commercial job or give me some suggestion how to find a right commercial builder

    • Hi Eva,
      Unfortunately I am not too familiar with commercial building. I’d suggest you do a search for commercial builder with your area in the query and go from there?
      Let me know if that helps.

  6. glad to hear that the building process went well for you. I have worked with a lot of architects over the years and they can steer you to some good builders, but it is always good to ask around and talk to people who have used the builder that you are thinking about before. They can give you a pretty good idea as to what to expect from the building process.

    Sounds like you picked a pretty good one if your project was only 2 weeks behind.

  7. excellent information great home building tips…

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