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Here’s a Quick Way to Collect and Organise Your House Design Ideas

When I was in the process of designing our new house it seemed like there were notes, pictures, brochures, home magazine cutouts all over the place. I also had a small school notebook I used to record my thoughts and design ideas. Then it evolved to a scrapbook with photos, drawings, to-do list.

It was before I came across a website called Houzz.com (besides, this is the third article I write about Houzz, am I getting addicted? You can read the two previous articles here and here). If you haven’t visited the site I would encourage you to.

Houzz was referred to by CNN as the “Wikipedia of exterior and interior designs”. As I write this article the site has 177,770 high resolution beautiful pictures of any spaces you can think of inside and outside of a house. More about that in this quick review of Houzz.

How to use Houzz to organise your design ideas?

A very useful feature for people in the process of building a house or renovating a room is the Ideabook.

Once you have registered for a free account you can create as many ideabooks as you like. As you browse huge collections of photos grouped by categories and styles to get inspiration, you can the add the ones you like to your ideabook along with a comment for later review. You can make your comments public or private.

Add a picture to your ideabook
Add pictures to your ideabook to organise your house design ideas

The number of times a particular image is added to an ideabook is visible under the image itself. You’ll be able to gauge the popularity of a design.

Add to ideabook
This modern kitchen design was added to 2855 ideabooks. That's impressive!

Once you have added all the photos you like you can email your ideabook to yourself or to spouse to share your findings and ideas.

It’s also a wise move to share your ideabook with your architect or builder so they have a firm feel of the style of house you are looking to build.

Having all your interior and exterior ideas in one place will make it easier to finalize the design of the kind of house you want. It will also help minimize the risk things to falling off your radar along the way when you start the actual build of the house.

Post image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kirstea

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