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Here’s a Method That is Helping House Builders to Better Organise Their House Building Project

Collecting and organising home design ideas, advice, quotes to design and build a house can take up a lot of time and energy. Quickly you end up with notes, magazine cutouts everywhere.

Often you wonder where did you see that modern kitchen design, that picture of a peaceful bathroom. You know that you’ve seen them of the web but you just can’t remember which websites. Or you’ve read a helpful article about creative ways to achieve a more sustainable living a  in a magazine while waiting at the dentist.

You wish there was a tool that would help you collect and organise all the ideas you’ve got during your creative moments so you can refer as you progress through the journey of building your house. You also would like that memory to be accessible wherever you are.

The solution for you is Evernote. Watch the following short video to see how Evernote can be used to help you with your house building project.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider using Evernote as an effective virtual assistant for your house building or renovation project:

1. Evernote allows you to take notes everywhere. On computer: Mac OS X, Windows, Web clipper.

2. Take notes on your smartphone. The array of supported smartphones is impressive. You can download Evernote for mobile devices on these models: iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Palm Pre / Palm Pixi.

3. Remember things you want to review later. With your mobile you can record an audio, snap a photo and store them in Evernote to refer to.

4. Visit your favourite home design websites and save pages you want to look at later. A nice thing with Evernote is it keeps the formatting of the pages you save.

5. Share your notes with your partner, friends who are working with you on your house project.

6. Keep everything in sync. Notes created on your computer are stored on the internet so you can access them on the go from you mobile phone. By the same token photos taken or voice memo created with your mobile phone within Evernote are available to you when you are at your desk computer.

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