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Good Insulation Makes a Difference

What impact to your living comfort can a good insulation do?

According to Weather.com.au the temperature for Canberra today June 8, 2011 ranges from -4 to 8 degrees C.

Looking outside there was frost everywhere. Cars parked on the street for the night were coated with a thick layer of ice as if they just went through a frost tunnel like in the Toyota TV advertisement.

Temperatures for Canberra region on June 8, 2011 ranges from -4 to 8 degrees C

Early this morning I checked the temperature in the bathrooms and they showed a 10.5 degrees C. I was actually happy to see that good insulation does make a difference.

Temperature in bathroom (without any heating) was above 10 degrees C

I’ve noticed that the temperature in our bathrooms would stay stable around the 10 degrees mark even during the night when the outside temperature went to the negative zone.

I remember when we were living in an older house, built 20 odd years ago, good insulation was not at all part of the construction. During winter days it was freezing in the bathroom (1 degree as I recall). And during hot days of February temperature inside was actually higher than outside in the afternoons.

Good insulation does seem to keep the warm inside during winter and the heat outside during summer.

According to the house design and floor plans we built from our house has an EER of 5.5.

R4.0 insulation batts in ceiling
R2.0 insulation batts in walls

In conclusion it seems like between a house rated EER 0 and another one rated EER 5.5 the difference in temperature in the bathroom would be 9 degrees C during winter. That’s huge 😉

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  1. Insulation and north orientation certainly make a huge difference. Six Star EERs and a good architect are also essential. Designing for north sun into as many living and bedrooms rooms as possible should also be considered together with EER and insulation.

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