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How To Expand Garage Storage By Adjoining a Store Room

Our block is rectangular shaped and our house design had the master bedroom, the main entrance and the garage on the same front line. The block width is only 15m and the maximum we could go with the garage was 6m wide.

This doesn’t leave much room for garage storage on either sides. To increase storage in the garage we designed a store room in the length of the block. As you can see on the floor plan access to the store room is through a sliding door that seals the room from dust.

We extended our garage storage capacity by adjoining a store room

In our design this store room was considered a garage storage area where we could throw tools, bikes, cartons and other stuff to keep the garage neat and tidy. It was also meant to be the technical room to house a switch for our home LAN (computer wired network).

It turned out the room looked pretty nice once I finished laying the tiles (and I am not a tiler). We also happen to have a fairly big collection of books, comics, VHS, DVD, CDs that we wanted to keep. As we decided to have minimum furniture inside the house we thought we would put shelves in the store room for the books. In the end it looks like I made this room a walk-in-library 😉

On the left side of the room I started the carcass for a cabinet with drawers. I still haven’t had a chance to make the drawers.

In this article I’d like to share with you how I custom made and installed the shelves.

On the below photo you can see all data cables arrive in this room so they can be connected to a high-speed switch. Our computers and game consoles share a broadband router via a wired network for maximum speed and security. We have a Sony Blu-ray player that is also connected to the Internet via our wired LAN.

I've used pine timber as supports for the shelves in the store room

We also have wi-fi hot spot for friends and guests that visit us with their laptop as well as for our small wireless devices.

Power points were installed high up in this room for that purpose.

First stack of shelves are installed in place. I made a cut in the top shelf because of the big power supply

The gap between shelves was approx 350mm to cater for high books like comics and document storage boxes.

I used a Ryobi mitre saw to make U cuts in the timbers that serve as vertical support to the shelves at the front.

Adjusting the mitre saw to make half cuts in the vertical supports at the front of the shelves

This is how the vertical timber supports the shelves at the front:

U cuts in the timber at the thickness of the shelf to hold them in place and provide support vertically

The back of the shelves is also robustly supported:

Columns are installed on the wall screwed to structural studs behind the plaster to ensure additional support at the back of the shelves

Fortunately I had taken photos of the frames before the plaster was installed. Even with a stud finder these photos helped a lot in locating quickly and more confidently the studs behind the dry walls.

Tip: If you plan to do things yourself in the house such as installing shelves, blinds, curtains, photo frames and the like I would strongly recommend taking a lot of photos of your frames and studs before the dry walls are put on. You will gain a lot of time when you want to know where the studs, live wires and gas pipes are.

I also installed all the blinds myself and I could rely on the photos to find out where the studs were above the doors. My stud finder got confused but not my photos 😉

Taking pictures of the house framing before covering helps locating the studs, live wires, gas pipes quicker and more confidently

These shelves have contributed to increase my garage storage by a few cubic metres. With this new space I was able to store equivalent of 15 full cartons used for moving house.

It's time to fill the new shelves

How did you design your garage storage?


  1. I like your idea of U cuts in the front timber to brace the shelves. This construction seems quite sturdy to me. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks for your comment. I wanted to make these shelves strong as I ended up putting heavy books on them

  2. Thanks for sharing, What material did you use for the shelves ?

    Also, how large is the area, it looks like you’ve managed to get heaps of extra storage now !!


    • Hi Steve,

      The dimensions of this room is 1.6m x 1.7m x 2.55m. I used 16mm white melamine for the shelves.
      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll update the article with this info.

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