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Garage Storage Solutions

Garage storage solutions – Having your garage storage needs in mind when designing your new home

During our new home design phase we tried to see how we could maximise space for garage storage.

We liked the idea of having a store room with a door accessible from the garage. A separate room where we could store a whole range of stuff accumulated over time would help keep the garage tidier. The room would have a door to limit the dust from entering.

This room will also serve as a hub for our home LAN (local area network). The data cables for the house would be concentrated here and connected to a switch.

After extensive research and many house visits we were able to finalise our house floor plans and our garage storage solutions include:

  • A wider and deeper double garage than builder’s average
  • The door between the garage and the house is located in a corner to maximise wall space for garage shelving later on
  • An adjoining workshop to increase garage storage (see plan)
  • A sliding door to the workshop to make circulation easier
  • A small window in the workshop to provide natural light
  • Two light points with 24W low energy natural white globes to provide plenty of light to every corner of the garage
  • Light point in the workshop
  • Double power points in the workshop and the garage
Our garage storage solutions include an adjoining store room accessible through a sliding door

After the house was completed we moved in with our 156 cartons (in addition to big items such as furniture, appliances and the like). We realised we had a large collection of books and many boxes of printed documents we wanted to keep.

We ended up making shelves in the store room and it has become more like a library 😉 I’ve kept a space in a corner though where I still need to fabricate a cabinet with drawers to store small tools, screws, nails and other stuff. It seems like to more room you have the more stuff you accumulate and store. In the end you can’t find where your stuff is 🙁

Click to read more and view photos of how our store room shelving can increase hugely garage storage.

Alternatively to having an adjoining store room we also thought about designing cupboards on either side of the garage. We didn’t go down that route as our block is rectangular shaped and having cupboards on the sides would have narrowed the main hallway. It would have impacted on the size of the master bedroom and office as well.

That’s why we took the approach of putting the store room where it is.

If your block is wider than 15m then I think it’s worth considering to have cupboards with sliding doors on the side. I find garage space is better optimised with that design.

What are your garage storage solutions?

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