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Floor Plans For New Homes

Floor Plans For New Homes – 8 Ways To Get Them

Rolls of new house floor plans and a level
It's worth spending time on house floor plans to build a nice house

House constructions are happening across Australia as we are still experiencing house shortages. The best way we found to obtain floor plans for new homes is to visit display houses in new suburbs that are having houses constructed on new blocks of land.

The biggest benefit of visiting display houses is you get to see the final result of a house built from a floor plan on paper. During your visit you want to verify some of the key elements:

  • Traffic zones
  • Size of rooms
  • How different spaces are connected to each other
  • Colour scheme
  • Cupboards

Some of these observations can actually serve as main criteria to design your own floor plan. For example you might find that a bedroom of 3m x 3m is too small for your needs. Or you might prefer to have an kitchen island bench of at least 3m long and 0.9m wide rather than 2.1m x 0.8m because you enjoy cooking and would like to use the bench as a bar.

Write down these observations so you can discuss your requirements with builders or your architect.

Other venues to get floor plans for your new home include:

Look for house floor plans on the Internet. Make sure you restrict search results to pages within Australia as most of the time you will get a lot of American house plans. While they can provide some design ideas they are not necessarily applicable in Australia. Alternatively you can browse Australian builders websites as they tend to provide some sketch plans to showcase their work. Most of the time these floor plans won’t contain measurements and are not to scale.

Visit builders and check out their plans and design. You can visit them at their offices or at display villages. Just google “Display Houses” in your area and pay them a visit. Again some might provide you with floor plans with measurement but usually you will get concept plans.

Be aware that builder’s plans may have copyrights which means you can only use a builder’s plan if you build your house with that builder. If your approach is to lodge and get your house floor plans approved first then go out for tender for quotes, make sure the plans you submit is free of copyrights.

Visit new houses for sale.  Builders, real estate agencies build homes on new blocks for resale. Check out property listings in your area and visit open houses. If you like to floor plan of the house ask the real estate agent to email you complete documentation of the house. It normally contains detailed floor plans with all measurements. Who knows you might end up buying that house!

Friends who just got their house built. If you have friends that just built their house ask them to share with you their floor plans. It could be a good source of ideas and inspirations.

House designs, architecture magazines, books. There are plenty of magazines out there you could consult to get ideas for floor plans. Some even provide floor plans to scale with measurements. One magazine we’ve found that contains interesting and useful information including house floor plans is “Houses, The Residential Architecture Magazine” from Archimedia. It’s $11.95 per issue and you can find it at your local News agency.

Draw your house floor plans. You could easily draw your own and unique house floor plans using a free tool called Floorplanner.com.

Consult an architect. Gathering ideas and inspirations from sources listed above are essential. In order to compile all the ideas and criteria that suit your unique style of living and circumstances we strongly suggest to consult an experienced architect. An architect who doesn’t have vested interest in the construction itself will objectively assist you to design and finalize the floor plan that reflects your particular requirements. Read more about why it’s wise and more cost effective to use an architect to design your floor plans.

What strategy do you use to get floor plans for your new home project?

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  1. Hi! I just would like to point out that your tips are great but you also need to consider and add to your plans about future house extensions. I have seen quite a few home owners going through massive renovation just to add another floor or extending the kitchen. But with careful planning and adding extension plans, you would need to go though such major renovation.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I think that’s an excellent advice to plan for extensions if the home owner doesn’t want or can’t build to the maximum authorised area yet.
      In our case thought we’ve built to the maximum authorised gross floor area. Also the land and development conditions for our block don’t allow to build a two storey house.


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