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Finally a New Logo

BuildingANewHome.com.au did not have a logo for a little while. Before being logo-less I used one that later on I found a bit too “serious” so I decided to take it off the header image when I did the first the website redesign.

Recently as I was working on another website project (which was one of the reasons why I didn’t have a chance to update this blog) I got to deal with a few graphic designers. They created a variety of banners for me that looked great. As a result I reconsidered to have a logo for this blog.

So there we go. A brand new header image with a logo.

I hope you’ll like this logo I thought is pretty representative of building a house. I appeals to me as I like the round shape and find the colour combination fresh and welcoming while trying to integrate different real-world elements.

It looks like nowadays websites are like cars and electronic gadgets, you need to make changes every six months or so to keep up with new technology and consumer trends. As Apple releases the iPad 3, I’m releasing a new header banner to BuildinAnewHome.com.au 😉

Let me know what you think.

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