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How To Save Time by Cooking Several Dishes Simultaneously

How a wide 5 burner cooktop can help you cut down overall cooking time

Over the long weekend we had friends come over for a diner. Our menu included a soup, a French recipe called “Boeuf Bourguignon”, fried rice, oven baked chicken wings for the kids. For desert my wife made a few cakes.

It was an opportunity for us to put our kitchen cooking appliances into use to prepare a meal for a group of eight.

To make the Bourguignon I had to cook three things on the cooktop:

  • bring the red wine to a boiling point and flambe to remove all the alcohol
  • making the “roux” (searing onion and carrot)
  • searing the beef and coat it with flour
Preparing onion, carrot,red wine, beef for the Boeuf Bourguignon

As you can see on the photo I was able to cook all that on the same cooktop. It’s a Delonghi gas cooktop, model DEGH90WF. This model has a fish burner which we found so handy to use with the  big oval cast iron pot.

Once the Bourguignon was ready to simmer we could start the fried rice and the soup.

Boeuf Bourguignon ready to simmer for 2,5 hours

Cooking the fried rice for the kids. The cooktop is big enough to cater for a big pot in which we cooked a veggie soup

Cooking fried rice and a soup

We used the wok burner on full heat to fry the rice. A fifth burner was available had we had a sauce or something else to prepare.

If you enjoy cooking and cook often I would strongly recommend a gas cooktop 900mm wide with 5 burners. It’s so convenient to be able to cook all your dishes at the same time. It saves on overall cooking time. A gas cooktop is also more economical to run than a classical electrical cooktop.

Other things we love about this Delonghi gas cooktop are:

  • The knobs are on a side, that provides extra safety with young kids at home
  • Flame failure safety device. (We tested this feature. For any reason if the flame is no longer on the burner for a few second, gas arrival is automatically cut off)
  • The five burners are spaced ingeniously to allow the use of all of them at the same time, even with large pots and pans, unlike other stoves we tried

When designing your new kitchen make sure you take into consideration all your current and future cooking habits. That will make your process of selecting kitchen appliances much easier.

In our case once we had decided on a 900mm wide gas cooktop, it appeared clear to us that we would need a rangehood wide and powerful enough to extract all the cooking smell.

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Photo Credit: beardfoundation

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