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Canberra Remains The Third Most Expensive City

According to the Canberra Times Canberra remains the third most expensive city in which to rent a unit, with a median of $420 a week, and the second most expensive city to rent a house in, with a median of $490.

On a personal note, after we moved out from the house we rented in Canberra the landlords put it back on the rental market. I spoke with them a week after and the house was already had a new occupant! The weekly rent went up 20% in the process without major renovations.

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  1. Perhaps, a viable solution to ease up the tightening rental market in Canberra is to build up more rental units or housing projects. In that aspect, the government can help out the costs of such undertaking considering the recent economic shakeup.

  2. Canberra is a great place to live and a very well planned out city. The Local government continues to spend alot of money on facilities, roads and infrastructure. The other upside is that the capital gains value of your home grows more rapidly and investment returns are high. If you havent been here for a while, its worth a visit.

  3. The local government has acted in Canberra leading the way with affordable homes available from $326,900 in new land estate suburbs.

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