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Building Costs Per Square Metre

Building Costs Per Square Metre – How To Calculate Them?

We found out that it was not easy to get a clear idea of building costs per square metre. When we asked the question the builders we met were somehow trying to answer by giving a rather wide price range.

Some would tell us $1000 per square metre but it has to be calculated based on the total footprint of the house.

Others gave us $1400 per square metre but only for the living area. The garage would have another price and so on.

Other factors that could impact the costs per square metre were inclusions, site costs, quality of finishes.

We were totally confused!

While a dollar amount per square metre was a useful information in visualizing what building a house would need in terms of budget, we found it quite difficult to compare and assess house builders on the basis of this metric.

Instead we tried to compile overall budget estimate for each builder and went from there to assess and select a house builder for our project.

You can see how we did that in these two articles:

I hope these two articles will help you calculate an accurate budget for your house construction.

What are the building costs per square metre for your new house?

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