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Building Companies To Build Your House

We found house building companies by:

  • Talking to friends, colleagues who had built a house
  • Visiting different display villages
  • Talking with our architect
  • Attending trade shows
  • Visiting Housing Industry Association shop front
  • Scouring the internet
  • Go through specialised magazines and books

Visiting a good number of house building companies in different display village gave us a bit of an idea of what the housing industry was up to. Talking with different builders provided insight into new technologies, building materials, time frame and house building costs.

There are plenty of building companies out there. Big, small, interstate, some offer turn-a-key house building packages. Some would only build from their plans others would let you modify the house plans at extra costs.

Medium to large building companies would have in-house architects or designers to help with the sketch plans all the way through finalising the working drawings for you. They would also take care of getting building approval. The builders who offered this service would want us to enter a contract with them and pay a fee upfront before the design phase.

John the builder backlight
Creative Commons License photo credit: DAngelo Favata Photography

Going with a medium or large sized builder would save you the hassle of dealing separately with architect, designer, draftsman. You can also let the builder deal with the approval process.

These additional services come with additional costs. We went down another route as we preferred to have a high degree of flexibility in the process.

The building company we selected is a small one. Their project only starts when all the plans have been approved.

In our case we took care of:

  • Start to finish of our new home design with an architect
  • We organised to have complete set of working drawings and Energy report via our architect’s contacts
  • We lodged the complete set of plans for building approval

Once the plans were approved we handed a copy to our builder and the construction commenced.

You can read the section on house designs and floor plans to see how we designed our new house.


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