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Bosch built-in multifunction oven with triple glazed door

Bosch Appliances – Review of The Bosch Built-in Oven

Bosch Appliances – Our Review of the Bosch Multifunction Oven Model HBA43B450A

For us kitchen appliances play an integral part of the kitchen design like the sink, the colour of doors, the type of stone for the bench, etc.

Regarding cooking appliances we were looking for a good wall oven, a good stove but we also minded about the way each unit looks and integrates within the overall design of our kitchen from a visual standpoint. For example we wanted a built-in microwave with a stainless steel trim kit so it could fit nicely above the wall oven.

As for the oven, after extensive research, reading online reviews and Choice magazine we finally picked a Bosch multifunction 63L wall oven, model HBA43B450A. This 60cm wide built-in oven comes with triple glazed door and child lock.

Bosch built-in multifunction oven with triple glazed door


The oven was installed after we moved in by the builder’s electrician. He booked the time with us and came in one morning to put it in the enclosure and made the electrical connection. Since this unit requires larger diameter wires he cut off the plug and directly hardwired the lead to the live wires in the wall.

Bosch wall oven under a Westinghouse built-in microwave
The stainless steel facade of the Bosch oven matches with the rangehood. A built-in microwave from Westinghouse completes our cooking functions

Cooking the pizzas made by the kids in the oven:

After using this Bosch oven for a few months now, this is our summary review of it

What we like:

  • the stainless steel looks great and suits our kitchen design perfectly
  • food doesn’t dry when cooking in this oven as compared to other units we tried before and at friends place
  • roast beef, pork, lamb, chicken, are tasty and moist
  • pizzas, quiches, meat pies cook nicely
  • the triple glazed door stays relatively cool during cooking which is a must-have feature for us as we have little kids in the house
  • retractable knobs add a touch to the clean line of the front
  • can switch heating off and leave the internal light on after cooking
  • the large internal volume (63 litre) and several tray positions allow cooking of multiple dishes or big portions at the same time
  • plenty of different heating settings to virtually cook any kind of dish (e.g. upper grill, lower grill, and more)

The things we would have liked to have:

  • timer beeps louder and repeat longer
  • the display on the front also shows the temperature inside the oven (actually the temperature setting is accurate and we’ve never had issue with it. This temperature indicator would be a nice-to-have feature but is absolutely not necessary to cook great dishes with this oven)

We would definitely recommend this Bosch multifunction oven if you are looking for a 60cm wide built-in unit that suits a modern kitchen design and in which you can cook tasty dishes as the food doesn’t dry as they usually do when cooked in an oven.

Since we’ve had this Bosch oven, we cook more with an oven than ever before! We just find that the roast meat dishes, pastry, pizzas, meat pies, etc. that come out of this oven so tasty 😉

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