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Bathroom Vanity Units

bathrrom glass sink

Bathroom Vanity Units – Ideas and tips to have beautiful bathroom vanities at the best price

Custom design your bathroom vanity

If you plan to have a custom design for your new home it’s worth considering having the same kitchen company make the bathroom vanity units for you. It costs nothing to ask for a quote. You might be surprised to find out it can be more economical to have the vanities custom built than buy them directly from a bathroom warehouse.

The kitchen company that made our custom kitchen also got the job for the bathroom vanities as well as all the cupboards and bench in the laundry.

They made the vanities to our unique design, installed them 30cm from the floor on porcelain tiled walls for a total cost less than us buying common average bathroom vanities in a store.

Double bathroom vanity unit freshly installed on the wall. Next step is to attach door handles and Ceasarstone counter top

It’s nice to have continuity in style and/or materials used between the bathrooms and the kitchen. In our case we used Ceasarstone for kitchen benches and bathroom vanity top. We kept same door handles in kitchen, bathroom and laundry with polyurethane paint doors.

The sink or basin doesn’t have to be in the middle

As you design your bathroom vanity unit don’t forget the pipes that run inside the cabinet.

If it’s a single bowl or sink a nice idea is to design the sink on one side of the vanity instead of having it in the middle. The benefits of this design are many:

  • more interesting design visually,
  • the pipes will fit nicely in half of the cabinet, the other half can house full size drawers
  • symmetric design with the doors
  • more usable space on the bench surface

We forgot about the pipes and in our design the above counter sink is located in the middle of the vanity unit. Because the S trap pipe we ended up having the right hand side door wider than the drawers to the left. Had we designed the above counter sink toward the right we could have had the line where the right door and the left drawers meet in the middle of the vanity.

Also now we have two small areas next to the bowl. It makes less convenient to use these areas to put things on. If the bowl was located next to one side of the vanity unit the counter would allow bigger and practical surface on the other side.

Wall hung bathroom vanity

In essence these bathroom vanities are less bulky and seem to float above your bathroom floor. Thus make your bathroom look bigger. It’s also easier to clean the floor.

Wall hung double bathroom vanity unit

Just be aware that if you have porcelain tiles on the wall then the installers would need to use special porcelain drill bit. Without that special bit they might break the porcelain while trying to drill through.

Location of vanity tapware

This is another aspect we feel was overlooked in our bathroom design.

Most of the times mixers are installed on top the vanity counter. Not only that means it takes place on the counter but the water inlets run inside the vanity and therefore leave less room for storage.

Most of the times the mixer is installed directly above the counter next to the sink

A better way to do may be to plan the mixers on the wall above the vanity unit. That way your counter is free of mixer, your vanity doesn’t have to house the hot and cold water inlets. These are inside the wall in a similar way to mixers you would have in the showers and above the bathtub.

This design looks more elegant as it’s more common to see mixers installed directly on the counter.

In this bathroom design the mixer is installed on the wall above the basin. There is no hot and cold water inlets in the vanity unit and the counter is clutter free

More drawers and less cupboard

Like drawers in the kitchen to maximise storage the same principe apply for a bathroom vanity.

Regardless they are wall hung or standalone cupboards make it difficult to reach stuff in the back of the cabinet. Obviously we can’t have drawers where the S trap pipe is under the sink but the smaller this area is the better. The rest of the cabinet would be designed to have drawers.

How did you design your bathroom vanity units?

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