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About Us

Hi and Welcome!

We have created this website to share with you our recent experience about building a new custom house in Australia. If you plan to build a new house we hope you will find the information we share helpful for your own construction project.

When we started the prospect of building our own house we were completely at lost. We wished we could find a website where every aspects related to building a new home were explained from real experience. We could not find one and it took us (my wife and I) an enormous amount of time, energy and money to learn the ropes.

Our house construction project

Back in the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, house prices were at their high across Australia. It was before the Global Financial Crisis hit the country and the economy was still doing very good. Real estate was clearly in a seller’s market.

Properties advertised around Canberra sold rather easily and quickly. Finding a house that fit within our criteria and budget was like mission impossible. At several occasions we put forward an offer but all of them were discarded before the final round. We felt that the houses we liked were overpriced.

After a lot of research and discussions with friends and colleagues who had built their houses we figured out it could actually be more economical to build a new home rather than buying an established property off the market.

From Start to Finish

The construction of our house started in February 2010 with earth work on our block then the slab. The house was completed in six months that included tiles in main areas.

We moved in our new house in August quite pleased with the end result. After moving in we did the flooring of the bedrooms and installed the blinds ourselves. There are still a bit of work around landscaping and gardening. We also think of painting the fence.

As you can imagine building our new home was a big project for our family. We took this opportunity to involve our two little kids in the process. The whole family virtually did everything together whenever we could from designing the floor plan to selecting the tiles, paint colour and so on.

There were times when we felt overwhelmed, stressed out. Fortunately we were mentally prepared and we were able to manage to overcome difficult situations. Our builder was experienced and a nice person to work with. That helped a lot.

Family and friends ask me if I would build another house. My answer is… definitely yes!

Happy Building!

We hope you enjoy reading these articles and take advantage of the tips shared here. Also please feel free to leave a comment if you have a question, feedback or remark.

We wish you the best of luck for your house construction!


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