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5 Cheap Ways on How to Landscape a Garden


By Caroline
A beautifully landscaped garden brings a certain kind of joy and satisfaction to any homeowner. It can also boost the value of your house when you decide to sell it. If it is your desire to landscape your garden but you are concerned about the money you need to spend to do it, worry no more. We gathered 5 tips on how lo landscape your garden without spending too much.

Tip #1 – Have an Action Plan

Remember the tip that says before going to the grocery, make a list of what you need to buy and then stick to it? Same goes with landscaping. Before planting anything on your garden, make sure you have a plan on what goes where or how the garden has to look like after the landscaping is done.

This way, you don’t buy anything you don’t need or you don’t plant anything you don’t like. Do some research to get ideas and inspirations. This is a good site to start from: http://www.gardenguides.com/84439-types-landscaping-rocks.html

Tip #2 – DIY Garden

If hiring a landscape architect is out of the budget, then it’s time to get all sweaty and dirty because there’s no on who will do the works but you. Mind you, this is a fun activity and seeing the fruits of your labor afterwards can really make you proud. Ask your family members or friends for help. However, you must gauge the workload.

If something has to be done by none other than a professional like operating a bulldozer or whatever, then do hire one. For more simple assignments, check out this multi-function brush cutter that can help you in landscaping.

Tip #3 – Shop During the Off Peak Season

Just like clothes, the season dictates the price of each item. If winter is approaching, then jackets and boots are expensive. Plants also cost more whenever spring or summer is about to start. Even if you want to start the landscaping project immediately, hold it off until the growing season is about to end. Don’t worry because you can still find plants that are in a good condition. This is also a good time to buy the gardening tools that you need.

Tip #4 – Splurge at the Right Time

Yes, we are talking about saving some bucks here but it doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on every single thing. The key here is to know when to splurge and when to save. If you really want a pond in the garden, then allot a big chunk of your budget on that. Save on the smaller items.

Tip #5 – Don’t Stop Gardening

Once you have started gardening, you never really stop. Some of your plants will die, leaves may wither and you have to continue taking care of the garden. You can’t build a garden then leave it after the landscaping project is done.

It’s a continuous work so you have to be committed in taking care of it. Here’s a short video that shows simple lawn care tips that could help you take care of your beloved garden:

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  1. The best thing I have learn’t over the years is buying small plants is better than buying big ones.

    Small ones are more vigerous and frequently overtake the larger plants in a year.

  2. Great tips – a great outdoor living space is so important to consider when building a new home.

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