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3 Design Tips To Create More Privacy Inside The House

If you plan to build a house for yourself and your family and have kids (or plan to have) it’s important to think about privacy inside the house at the early stage, i.e. the house design stage. By the same token if you like having guests staying at your place it’s also wise to keep this aspect in mind while sketching your new house floor plans.

As you may be aware the way a typical house is built in Australia is that internal walls are hollow separations made of plaster sheets fixed to either side of the timber frame. Therefore acoustically there is little noise and sound insulation between the rooms on each side of the wall.

How to add more privacy inside the house?

Tip #1. Design bedrooms far away from each other

When you are in your bedroom at night relaxing before you sleep, you might want to be in a calm and quiet space and not hear the noise, music that might come from another room. If you have guests in a room next to yours and they listen to their favourite tunes or watch TV that might end up irritating you. It’s better if guests or other adults in the house have their bedroom far away from yours. An L or long rectangular shaped floor plan are best to achieve this kind of house design.

Tip #2. Locate the kid bedrooms distanced from the master bedroom

If you have little baby and would feel more reassured to have her close to you at night then an option to consider is to have her cot in the parent’s master. However as time goes by you might find that you spend more time with a growing kid than a baby. Kids are active creatures, love to play and make good deal of noise, they may even invite friends for sleepover. Just picture a 10 year old boy playing with his toys, gadgets and friends in his bedroom, or a 9 years old girl practising the last Lady Gaga single, and you will feel so lucky that your bedroom is not situated next to his or hers.

To ensure there is enough distance between the kids bedrooms and yours one popular option is to have the master at the front of the house and the kids ones at the back. It’s also wise to not place the children bedrooms next to each other so they can have their own privacy and quiet spaces.

Tip #3. Design room floor plan with robes in between to create acoustic insulation

Use robes in bedrooms as buffer to insulate noise and sound. If your design has two rooms sharing a same wall you might want to figure out how to move the robe in one of the room around so that it is located between the adjacent spaces. This simple design trick with benefit both bedrooms from a privacy perspective.

Do you have other tips to add privacy inside the house you want to share?

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  1. All really good tips.

    I also think that large open plan layouts are overrated. Fine for entertaining, but how often do most of us entertain and those big rooms are hard to heat in winter and hard to cool in summer.

    • Agree with you Brian. I think if you build in a more tropical region like North Queensland or NT then large open plan is the way to go. Large space would allow more natural ventilation as temperature is high most of the year. In temperate climate regions though, heating and cooling can become onerous with large rooms.

  2. I agree with Brian too. I have an open planned living room/dining/kitchen space and I don’t like it..particularly when they back door is attached to it – all the heat goes out the door easily in the Winter and then I have to reheat it – waste of money!

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