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Small Bathroom Designs in Style

A small bathroom

By Karine A lot of people spend a considerable amount of time inside their bathroom because they say that bathroom time is their ‘me’ time. For people blessed with large and fully-functional bathrooms, staying inside the bathroom is enjoyable. But how can it be enjoyable for people with small bathrooms? …

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Things to Remember When Buying Discount Appliances

By Caroline Choosing the right appliances for your home can be a daunting task. There are a lot of brands and models with different features and functions to choose from. Reviewing a user’s manual can also be confusing especially if you’re not a mechanical engineer or you don’t have any …

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What is Sustainable Living and How Can I Adopt It?

By Ben who contributes at comfydeals.com.au Plagued by ghosts of the latest economic crisis, alarming global warming reports and a universal sense of preservation; you are probably not the only Australian worried about living sustainably. Scores of non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and freelance conservation enthusiasts are working round the clock …

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Kitchen Design Ideas For a Green Makeover

Editor’s note: This is a a guest post from Caroline at comfydeals.com.au, a website about deals for the house. Go Green Kitchen With all the news about global warming and the problem with different kinds of pollution, a lot of people are starting to be conscious about the environment. A …

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